RFT Fishing Tackle is a craft shop that produces, developings and deals with handmade fishing equipment. The Obrenovic family members gathered a team of friends and acquaintances and established an independent craft shop February 2009.

Our team consists of all types of fishermen and nature lovers, who have spent their whole life fishing. In addition to production and sales, we are also organizing fishing trips to the most beautiful rivers and lakes. Our members have years of experience. They gained their skills by life long learning and exchanging ideas and knowledge on fisheries and the development of artificial baits with other experts.

We would like to present our handmade products to people around the world and familiarize them with the unique beauty of our home country and the neighboring regions. We are aware that these are environmental treasures and are committed to preserving and protecting this invaluable wealth.



Video presentation


On our YT channel you can see a part of the atmosphere from fishing tours.

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