Lake Zaovine

Lake Zaovine is located 881.5 m above sea level on Mount Tara in the Tara National Park. It’s around 110 m deep. It was formed by damming the river Beli Rzav as well as the excess water from the water reservoir at Bajna Basta. The water is crystal clear and the lake’s shores and many small coves are covered with pine trees.

The Tara National Park is known for the last virgin forests in Europe and especially for a rare type of evergreen tree called Serbian spruce (Panciceva omorika) which grows only here. It represents a living “fossil within” the world of plants since it originates from the Tertiary, millions of years ago. Alongside with other animal and plant types, the Tara National Park is a natural habitat for bears, wolves and bobcats. 

The lake is very suitable for fly fishing and spin fishing from the shore and by boat. You can fish brown trout, lake trout and rainbow trout, pike, catfish and big chub. All species in the lake live in symbiosis and grow to incredible sizes. A couple of years ago (2015) a trout weighing over 21 kilogram was caught.

Equipment for spin fishing varies from ultra-light to medium and heavy depending on the type of fish you want to catch. Fly-fishing equipment (for one- or two-handed techniques) also depends on the type of the desired catch and fishing method (by boat and from the shore).

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