River Djetinja

The Djetinja is a clear mountain river. Its source is on the slopes of Mount Tara. Here the four smaller rivers of Bratesina, Konjska, Uzicki and Tomica merge to form the river known as Djetinja. It is 75 km long and very cold, even in summer. It forms Lake Vrutci from where it continues to flow through beautiful gorges and canyons. Lake Vrutci is rich in fish and fishermen are attracted by capitally large specimens of perch.

The Djetinja is also home for trouts, graylings and Danube salmons which were brought from the Drina at the end of the 1990s and adapted to the conditions of this ecosystem. In the Djetinja graylings can grow up to over 50 cm and more than two kg, trout can weigh more than four kilograms and Danube salmon more than fifteen kg.

Both areas are suitable for fly-fishing, while spin fishing is only possible further down the river. Although the Djetinja river is not long, it is full with preserved aquatic life and it represents a true pleasure for fishermen. It is very difficult to describe the unbelievable experience of catching a capitally large fish in a rather small river, but the fact that experienced fishermen come back to the Djetinja for the rest of their lives speaks for itself. Fishing is allowed for seven months a year (from March 1st to October 30th ) by the rules of catch and release.

THE DANUBE SALMON (lat. hucho hucho) ist the largest salmonidae worldwide. It lives primarily in the River Danube and its tributaries. It features a large head and a long, powerful, torpedo-like body with a very pronounced tail fin. The Danube salmon is a very fast swimmer and can grow to 1,5 m and well over 30 kg. Its cousin the Taimen (hucho taimen) can weigh over 70 kg.

The big specimen of the Danube salmon live primarily in large and deep river whirlpools where they hide under rocks and in holes. The Danube salmon emerges periodically from his hideout to hunt (in the morning at the beginning of the whirlpool, in the evenings at the end of the whirlpools).

To catch a Danube salmon is a special achievement, which make it a top trophy.

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