River Drina

The Drina River is beautiful, green and turquoise, rightly nicknamed “Queen of all Waters”. At the length of 365 kilometers it is the longest tributary of the river Sava. Formed by two rivers, the Tara and the Piva, it is one of the largest salmonidae rivers in southern Europe. On average, the Drina River is 50 m to 150 m wide but in some parts the width reaches over 200 m. The average depth ranges from 1,2 m to 12 m.

The Drina is the habitat of all kinds of freshwater fish. The upper reaches of the river are inhabited by wild salmonid species such as grayling, brown  trout and rainbow trout, as well as endemic species like the “hucho hucho”, also known as the Danube salmon which can grow to 40kg. Furthermore you can find huge brown trouts, reaching a weight of more than 15 kg, and rainbow trouts weighing more than 12 kg. This colossal river with its extremely rich underwater world is a real challenge even for the most experienced fishermen. It’s suitable for all kinds of fly-fishing and spin fishing. Depending on the type of fish you want to catch, you can use all kinds of fly fishing rods practicing one or two handed techniques. On this mountain river it’s best to use the usual one-hand rods #5 or #12 class, or two-handed #4 - #10 rods. The river is extremely suitable for two handed rods and ‘’spey’ and switch’’ techniques. 

Required spin fishing equipment ranges from medium to heavy, which is practiced in winter. The necessary rods are at least 3 meters long and range from 80 g to 300 g of action. It is recommended to dress warmly, since the water temperatures are very low all around the year. The Drina is a border river and marks the Bosnian and Serbian territory. Both countries contribute to the regulation and organization of fishing in this area. The water level changes constantly because of the hydro power plant Perucac which makes the Drina a very demanding fishing territory. Sudden rises in water levels have a significant impact on conditions on the river. Experienced fishermen pay attention to the water level or they go fishing further downstream where the river is only slightly rising. These conditions can make fishing a bit more difficult, but on the other hand it’s more dynamic and the catch is precious.

The RFT team is always available if you are interested in an exciting adventure on this beautiful mountain river. Experts experienced in fishing on this river will guide you and share their knowledge. Choosing the right lure, finding a perfect spot for fishing and deciding on an adequate fishing technique which brings catch on your rod. 

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