River Uvac

The Uvac is 119 km long and it is the biggest tributary of the river Lim. Along this river several hydro power plants have been built which led to the forming of three beautiful lakes: Lake Uvac, Kokin Brod and Radoinja. It flows through a unique canyon which is surrounded by pristine nature, thick forest and a large number of monasteries. The Uvac also attracts tourist who come to visit the biggest habitat of griffon vultures in Europe. Because of its enormous beauty and natural resources, the Uvac was declared a Special Nature Reserve protected by the UNESCO.

The water is crystal clear and safe to drink and it is a spawning area for Danube salmons. Together with the Rzav it is one of the rare smaller rivers in Europe where it is possible to catch several Danube salmons a day using only light fly fishing or spin fishing equipment. The most common catches can weigh from 1 to 5 kg, but it is possible to catch much bigger specimens because larger fish come from the Drina to spawn and continue to stay in the Uvac for a certain period of time. Trout and chub can also be found in the Uvac. Fishing is allowed by the rules of catch and release.

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