River Veliki Rzav

Veliki Rzav is a rapid, extremely clear emerald colored mountain river. It is completely unpolluted, so the water has drinking quality. It’s source is located in the foothills of the mountain Mucanj (1536 m high) and it forms several gorges and canyons of extreme beauty. The river is 62 km long and at the widest part accessible to visitors.

The Veliki Rzav is home to grayling and trout but it is not a rarity to find chub as well. In the last couple of years the Rzav has become an ideal water for grayling. This fish can grow up to approximately 30cm to 45 cm in these waters Trouts can be found from 20 cm to over 50 cm. The Rzav allows fishing with lighter fly fishing and spinning equipment. In the spring one should be fishing with larger flies (imitation of cadis fly, may fly, stone fly and bugs), while in summertime smaller flies should be used. Fishing is allowed for seven months a year (from March 1st to October 30th) by the rules of catch and release.

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