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Glavinjare Sasha are artificial fish that have proven to be very good for all kinds of predatory fish both on rivers and lakes and the sea as well. As a result of many years of experience baits were created that proved to work on all kinds of predators. Each lure is handcrafted and decorated individually, which contributes to the authenticity of the product. The lures are made of high-quality silicone, stainless wire, as well as high-quality rings and hooks . Before we they are put up for sale, each lure has to pass tests both in durability and mobility. These lures are heavy, can be thrown very far and sink very fast. They are suitable to be used as wobblers and with the “jig and twich” technique which gives them an advantage over the currently available products on the market.

We offer a wide range of models, sizes and natural decors.

Models G3, G4, G5, G6, S5, S6 and S7 are offered with a little rattle inside the head. A special plastic capsule with a ball is inserted in the head produces a specific sound in the water, making it even more attractive for large predators (catfish, Danube salmon, pike, and pike-perch). Out of curiosity the fish will attack even when they are not hungry.

Use: The „Glavinara” lure is cast slightly upstream. While it would sink to the bottom on its own the fisherman has to operate the rod tip up and down (twitching, jigging) so that it imitates a wounded fish struggling in the currant. This lures can be used like a wobbler and occasionally with twitch techniques which stimulates predators.

Compared to other artificial lures the „Glavinjare” can be used in almost all types of fishing situations and a large variety of terrain can be searched within a short time. It works in shallow waters, currants and also great depths.

It is especially suitable for boat fishing on lakes as well as on the sea in great depths using the so-called “vertical jigging“ technique.

Lure adjustment: If a lure stops working properly after being caught on some object in the water it is possible to readjust it by bending the tail carefully. Should the „Glavinara” have a tendency to go to the left bend the tail very carefully to right and vice versa until the lures run straight again. The whole procedure is best done manually without the use of mechanical tools.


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